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Benefits from EnergyShop

The most common questions that interest users.

How can I buy benefits?

If you do not want to support sports clubs with your iWatts, you can use them to buy benefits in our EnergyShop. All benefits can only be purchased for your iWatts. To purchase, simply click on the "Buy" button on the page with detailed information about the offer and follow the instructions. The benefits always take the form of an electronic code - voucher and immediately after purchase we will send the code to the e-mail provided during registration.

Where can I use the benefits?

You can always use individual benefits at the provider of this benefit (application, e-shop, etc.). In exchange for the voucher for these providers, you get the selected free service or with a unique discount. You can find exact conditions on the page..

Do the benefits have limited validity?

Some do some don´t. It always depends on the provider of the benefits. You will find the exact conditions on the page with a detailed description of the benefit.

Can iWatts be exchanged for money?

No, iWatts can't be exchanged for money. But you can donate your iWatts to the sports club of your choice. This will increase chances of winning money for your favourite club.

Can I pay part of the benefit with money?

Yes, but only if the specific benefit in the iWatt EnergyShop also has a version with a combined payment option. In this case, the purchase transaction is made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions .