How does it work?

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It is available for you on the web, in the App Store/ Google Play.

Replace your activities

Connect iWatt with mobile applications through which you track your movement

Move and earn iWatts

The more you walk, run, swim, ski or bike, the more you earn.

Spend your iWatts

Get the benefits for yourself or support your local sport clubs.

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You are the source of your benefits...

You, your determination and your stamina decide how much energy you put into regular movement - how many iWatts you earn and what benefits you get. You can buy benefits for yourself or sponsor sport clubs. iWatt is here to reward you for you active life!

Data synchronization

You don't have to be Sagan!
Regular movement is enough.

You make iWatts even if you run, bike or walk shorter routes. Even if you get off the public transport earlier and go on foot. And don't worry, we also thought about setting fair conditions for top athletes and regular users. So you can fully concentrate on your regular movement and earn iWatts.

Decent performance means decent benefits...

iWatts earned? Then it's time to spend them in EnergyShop or at our partners. Of course, with the convenient conditions which you achieved with your movement. Your activity positively affects movements on your account.

Don't let your iWatts rest! Donate them to a good thing.

If you don't want any benefit for yourself, you can send iWatts to friends or sponsor a specific sports club. This will help increase the club's chances of earning real money on a regular basis and support young sports talent.

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