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Sports clubs

The most common questions that interest sports clubs. You can also find more information on special page .

Why does iWatt support sports clubs?

We love sports and sports clubs are one of its main representatives. That's why we want to help them develop through iWatt. Thanks to our partners and sponsors we have prepared funds for sports clubs in Slovakia, which we are ready to distribute to those who show the greatest interest in them.

Which clubs can attend in competitions?

We support any sports clubs, small and larger, amateur and professional, from any sports area. The only condition is the official registration of the club at the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport.

How can the club get financial support?

In order for a club to achieve a financial reward, it must get as many iWatts as possible from its athletes, fans or supporters. Only thanks to them club can get to the various places in the various virtual club competitions that we organize in iWatt.

What financial reward can the club get?

Each club competition has a well-defined total financial reward, which we can distribute among the clubs. However, this prize may or may not be divided into several competition rounds in specific competition. The amount of reward that a club can receive in a club competition depends on the number of its club members (athletes, officials, etc.) registered in its iWatt account. The minimum reward that clubs can win in club competitions via iWatt is € 200 and the maximum is € 4,000. The number of rewarded clubs is therefore directly dependent on the financial reward that is distributed in the competition and the size of the clubs, which, thanks to the number of iWatts and their KARMA, will reach the top of the competition. The principle of fair play is thus maintained.

How does the order of club rankings count?

The number of registered club members in its iWatt club account and the number of iWatts obtained from supporters are important for ranking. We divide these values and we get KARMA - the value of iWatts earned per club member. According to karma, we then rank the clubs in the rankings. Thanks to this approach, even a smaller club with plenty of supporters who donate iWatts can easily get to the first place.

How to add a new sports club?

Log in to iWatt.sk to your user iWatt account via a web browser. Click on "Manage Sports Club" in your profile menu. You will see a page for managing sports clubs, and all you have to do is click on "Add Club" and fill out a short form. Then the completed data will be checked by our administrators, and if all the data is in order, we will display the club on the website and in the iWatt application.

How to become a club iWatt account manager?

You must activate your club profile before you can manage it. You can do so by clicking on the link we sent to all clubs to their publicly available email, or as a registered iWatt user you can - after logging in to the iWatt.sk website, request the rights to manage the club in the "Manage Sports Club" section. After verifying your access, you will be able to edit clubs iWatt profile, take care of increasing the fan base and the number of iWatt in club competitions.

What happens to club when they get a financial reward?

If a club qualifies for a reward in any club competition, its iWatt account will be deleted after the end of the competition round or the entire competition. If the club wants to get a financial reward again, it must get a number of new iWatts from its athletes and fans, thanks to which it will beat the opponents in the next rounds of club competitions. In case that the club does not qualify for a reward after the end of the club competition or competition round, the iWatts obtained will be transferred to the next competition, in which it has a better chance to success.

Is it possible to change the number of club members in iWatt?

Yes. The club may request a change in the number of club members: a) 7 days from its registration in iWatt b) Every year in terms of 1.1. to 10.1. from 1.6. to 10.6.